See your space
through a different lens

AR & AI powered communication.

Spacelens - iTunes iOS mobile app

Augmented Reality

Add content and messages to the space around you and let people discover them.

Artificial Intelligence

Get a digital assistant that answers for you automatically and even suggest answers to questions.


A more powerful communication tool that lets you share your expertise and charge for your time.

Augment your reality

Leave a message in space and see what others have placed into the world through augmented reality.

Spacelens - augnemented reality

An augmented reality app for the 21st century

  • Send, place and discover content in space
  • Create messages and leave them in the world
  • Get instant information in a mix reality format
  • Access an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant
  • Communicate on a deeper level
  • See what is happening where

Create your path

Build your timeline and put yourself on the map, literally

How It Works
Create your path - Spacelens
Relevant Info - Spacelens
Relevant information
Clear location - Spacelens
Clear location timeline
Build relevance - Spacelens
Build relevance differently

Augment your life places

Find and connect seamlessly with people over the phone who can offer you the expertise you are looking for

Spacelens - get paid for your time and expertise

Get the information you need

Search the world - Spacelens

Whenever and wherever you are, you can see and discover useful information

A phonebook of experts - Spacelens

Let others tell you their story, differently

Access the best job professionals - Spacelens

Find what's hot and trending on Spacelens

Time and schedule availability - Spacelens

Let every moment count in a smart and useful way

A virtual world at its best

  • Let virtual elements guide you at your location
  • Touch information in a completely new way
  • See what others feel and think
Get the best potential recommended answers - Spacelens
time, questions, knowledge and money - Spacelens

Connect in a 3D way

AR solutions on a deeper level

Manage your relations

Decide who can connect with you, how and when

A new kind of map

See how AR changes your perspective of your surroundings

Reality Augmented

In touch

Sense how the world lives around you. New technologies at your reach.

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