Use Cases

Some of the ways our beloved users use Instango

Send and charge for questions as a nurse - Instantgo


Reaching a nurse

Mary just had a baby. She has help from her family and takes guidance from her doctor. Still, in the middle of the night when none of those are available, she needs to get some answers to some pressing questions regarding her baby’s care.

She uses Instantgo to get the answers she needs from a pediatric nurse.
help psychologists money time - Instantgo


The psychologist

Tom sees many patients throughout his day. Often, he has time in between patient appointments and would be happy to help more people.

He can now connect to Instantgo and turn on his availability during these times so he can continue working and making extra money.
small business owners texts help - Instantgo


The small business owner

Michelle has a flourishing little retail store and does well selling shoes but has no digital presence. She wants to set up a Facebook marketing page for her business but doesn’t know how.

She uses Instantgo to get connected with a marketer who helps her set her business profile on the go.
headhunter and HR over the phone - Instantgo


The headhunter

Lydia offers recruiting services to a large number of companies. Everyday, she receives phone calls from potential candidates who ask her a large number of diverse questions. Most of these calls are very time consuming and Lydia wants to filter them more efficiently.

She uses Instantgo as the way for people to reach her, ensuring her time gets compensated and that people call when they really have important needs.
Gardeners and other professionals - Instantgo



Greg loves his garden and takes care of it everyday. Today, Greg wants to plant a new variety of flowers but he is unsure about what is the best way to fertilize them.

Greg takes Instantgo and quickly connects with a gardening expert to get an immediate answer to his question.
food, recipes and restaurants advices - Instantgo


The chef

Philip works in a great restaurant and loves his job. Like most chefs, he works late at night and has more free time during his afternoon.

Philip logs his availability on Instantgo and gets calls helping people while preparing their best recipe for dinner.
Job interviews, professional help - Instantgo


Preparing a job interview

Priscilla is on her way to an important job interview and is a bit anxious. She wants to get some advice to be at her best during the interview.

She launches Instantgo and connects with an HR specialist who gives her some useful advice so Priscila can enter her interview more confidently.
Tax, finance and consultants - Instantgo


The tax consultant

Jonathan is a smart and astute tax consultant. He has several clients and works extremely hard during tax season. During the rest of the year, he would like to get more clients and answer some of their most pressing questions.

He turns on his Instantgo app when available and helps a number of clients answer some of their basic tax questions.
Actor, movie and entertainment business - Instantgo


The young actor

Carlos dreams of becoming a leading actor in Hollywood and works hard on his craft. Working on a new script he has just received, Carlos would like to get some guidance on how to get into character.

He launches Instantgo on his phone and searches for a theater coach. He connects with him to discuss his questions and get him ready for his audition.
Fashion buyer apparel - Instantgo


The apparel buyer

Heather works at a prestigious website where she sells a large number of different clothing lines. Everyday, she receives a large number of calls of prospective sellers trying to sell their brands to be presented on her website. She loses a lot of time during her day with incessant demands.

Now Heather asks her potential sellers to call her on Instantgo so she makes sure the time she spent with them is accounted for.
Entrepreneurs, startups, VCs - Instantgo


The entrepreneur

Max is an entrepreneur and believes he just found the next big idea. He tries desperately to email his pitch to fellow venture capitalists but no one answers him.

He turns to Instantgo to look for an investor and contacts him to see if his idea is truly that remarkable.
Beauty and make-up counsels - Instantgo


The make-up artist

Ariane is a well-known make up artist and helps a great number of women to be beautiful the day of their wedding. In between, she has a lot of spare time.

She connects to Instantgo to provide a large number of tips to women who are looking for help before going out on their next date.