Augment your communications

Leverage the power of augmented reality to make every conversations different

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Augmented reality

  • Create AR messages and place them where you want in the world
  • Share relevant media and videos where it matters most
  • Create a different set of experiences for you and others
  • Change your reality and see more from your present location
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Use the power of maps differently

See how your world becomes alive through your phone

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Easily create AR content through a mobile phone app

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Check where your loved ones are and easily know that they are safe and sound.

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Discover new locations and points of interest

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Open your mind to endless possibilities through AR locations and maps

Let people know where you are

Share content easily to all or to a selected few

Easily see what is happening where and participate in these conversations

Read the reviews of a specific place and stay informed continuously

Send 3D chats and give life to your text interactions

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Connect with others around the world

Discover relevant information and connect with the right people at the right time

Use locations to filter your interests and follow the places that matter to you

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Own your space

Get to see a timeline of all the places you visited and what you have left there

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