Augment your reality today

See more of what is around you

Discover your space differently and interact with people in a whole new way

Spacelens - iTunes iOS mobile app

Leave content in space

Use Spacelens to place relevant content for others to see in the world

Discover what is there

Open your phone and immediately what people have shared with you based on where you are

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AI personal assistant robot virtual - Spacelens

See the wonders of the world

Get to see meaningful and relevant information at every corner and turns.

Professional personal assistant time - Spacelens
Create AR content
At the touch of a button

It is now easy to create AR content and post your messages into space with Spacelens.

Decide who access your content

Easily choose who can see what you have left somewhere. Decide if it is something you want the world to see or share it only with specific people.

See what is happening live

Participate in conversations that are location-based and understand what others are doing at specific places on your map.

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Know when someone has arrived somewhere

Let people share with you their present location and stay informed of where are your loved ones. You decide who can access those information at anytime.

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Create rich AR content

Use Spacelens to seamlessly create rich and smart content that others can see and interact with. You can rate the content to make sure what you see is relevant for you.

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don’t share personal information phone call and texts - Spacelens
No need to share your personal phone number

Spacelens offers a way for you to interact with others without having the need to share your personal phone number with anyone. Communicate through AR chats and texts or place phone calls and send 3D chats without having to share that information.

Connecting with others privately - Spacelens
Limit your interactions to people you care most

Set your settings and interactions preferences so you make sure that the messages and demands you receive are from people you want to answer to.

Confidential personal assistant AI - Spacelens
No boundaries

Use VoIP and your network connection to talk and communicate accross countries and continents.

Augment your life today

Use Spacelens for all your friends conversations or switch to a more serious business mode by simply enabling different features within the app. Start today and see what is your life when augmented!

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